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Sony - 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette

8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette

Price: $19.99

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Tape Size Standard Cassette
Number of Cleanings 150 Cleanings
Compatibility 8mm / Hi8 / Video 8
Model 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette


Sony 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette - V8-25CLD

The Sony 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Video Head Cleaning Cassette tape is designed to keep picture and sound quality at its best. This Sony cleaning tape works with all 8, Hi 8, Video 8 and video Hi8 cameras, decks and recorders.

Cleaning your Hi 8 camera takes only 10 seconds!

Dirty video heads can lead to video noise and poor audio quality. Using this head cleaning tape will reduce dirt build-up for clean, clear picture and sound.

Sony V8-25CLD (formerly V8-CLH) head cleaning tape can be used in any 8mm VCR or camera.

  • TOL Part #: V8-25CLH
  • Manufacturer's Part #: V8-25CLD
  • Model: 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette
  • Product ID: 2943

Reviews for Sony - 8mm Video 8 Hi8 Cleaning Cassette

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Verified Customer
great price on sony tape by jc on 04-06-11
  • Pros seems to have cleaned heads well, since warning light on camcorder hasn't come back on.
  • Cons none
Verified Customer
Clean heads by Wojciech on 05-17-11
  • Pros Easy to use
  • Cons Not found
  • How this product is used Clean camcorder heads
Verified Customer
purchase of tape cleaner by bill on 06-24-11
  • Pros Very quick and knowledgable
  • Cons no cons
  • How this product is used clean tape head on 8mm camera
Verified Customer
sony 8mm cleaning tape by Barry on 07-27-12
  • Pros worked very well. cleared up a problem i was having with 8mm vcr.
  • Cons none
  • How this product is used used for cleaning heads on 8mm vcr.
Verified Customer
Saved my stuff!! by Andrew on 11-28-12
  • Pros It works!!
  • Cons None so far.
  • Other Notes Should have bought this a long time ago .... like when tapes were still the main acquisition media!! Thank you Tape Online for stocking and selling this!! You saved my tape collection and camcorder.
  • How this product is used Cleaned the heads which cleared up my playback issues immediately and fully.
Verified Customer
by Ava on 12-03-13
  • Pros
  • Cons
Verified Customer
8mm Head Cleaner by Adrian on 01-11-14
  • Pros It worked
  • Cons None
  • Other Notes The tape arrived on schedule. The problem was getting intermittent sound. After cleaning the heads for 12 seconds the camera is working correctly with clear picture and sound.
Verified Customer
by Manuel on 04-09-14
  • Pros
  • Cons Custos de envio.
Verified Customer
by William on 06-13-14
  • Pros
  • Cons
Verified Customer
(Tape) Life saver by William on 08-17-14
  • Pros Kept heads clean
  • Cons at this point, none
  • Other Notes I feel grateful!
  • How this product is used fight against magnetic particles from waves of drop outs while transferring 62 hours of Hi-8 tape