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Sony - BCT-D94L


Price: $38.39
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Tape Size Large Cassette
Run Time 94 Minutes
Model BCT-D94L


Sony 94 Minute Digital Betacam Videotape: BCT-D94L

  • High-end 4:2:2 recording and playback.
  • Sony's binder technology and advanced calendering system add +2dB higher output Digi Beta videotape compared to Betacam SP tape.
  • Advanced narrow tracking and low-shrinkage tape technology promote compatibility between recorders for smooth editing and post-archival playback.
  • Specially developed lubricant increases head contact and reduces headwear.
  • Anti-static cassette lid prevents dust attraction, while album case provides environmental protection.
  • Also known as D94
  • TOL Part #: VSP-BCT-D94L
  • Manufacturer's Part #: BCTD94LE
  • Model: BCT-D94L
  • Product ID: 1941

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