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Sony - DVCAM PDV-184N/3

DVCAM PDV-184N/3 184 Minutes

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HDV/DV Run Time 276 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette
DVCAM Run Time 184 Minutes
Warranty 90 Days
Model DVCAM PDV-184N/3 184 Minutes


Sony DVCAM PDV-184N/3 184 Minutes Videotape

Sony DVCAM cassettes not only feature a rugged album case, but a professional durable tape to meet all your production needs. This 184N tape is the most popular of the DVCAM lengths.

With 50% fewer dropouts, Sony DVCAM tapes are ideal for professional video applications. Sony's Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology makes the tape more durable and reduces the amount of hiccups that could cause problems later on in editing.

Sony DVCAM tapes feature Sony's advanced Diamond-Like Carbon protective coating to make the tape 30% stronger than consumer dv tape. This coating will really make a difference during Pause and Freeze Frame operations. DVCAM tapes also offer 50% less tape shrinkage than most consumer dv tapes. This gives DVCAM tapes excellent machine-to-machine compatibility and prevents the tape from shrinkage during shooting in varied temps. This makes the tape more reliable in long-term storage and more consistent in tracking and playback.


  • 184 Minutes, Large Cassette
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating
  • Professional rugged locking case
  • Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology
  • No Chip. Does not include the ClipLinkTM chip.
  • TOL Part #: DVCAM-PDV-184N3
  • Manufacturer's Part #: PDV-184N/3
  • Model: DVCAM PDV-184N/3 184 Minutes
  • Product ID: 2773

Reviews for Sony - DVCAM PDV-184N/3

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Verified Customer
tape stock by Dave on 12-10-10
  • Pros had no issues with tapes
  • Cons none really
Verified Customer
A Niche Length by Bob on 01-08-11
  • Pros These 3 hour tapes are perfect safety master and archival back ups (never had a drop out, never a tape stretch). We have stored years wort of programs on these, and never encountered some initially feared problems.
  • Cons I keep anticipating some sort of con, but so far... (knock on wood)
  • Other Notes I feared these would not be a good long term solution because of my prejudices born in the analog age, but I have been proven wrong.
  • How this product is used We can store the entire content of DVDs - programs, menu backgrounds, extra features, promos, etc on a single tape (as a back up, mind you). Also, we archive and back up each client's successive programs over a year (or whatever) on a single tape... which makes references in later years much easier to locate. I also admit we have used these to record/backup long performances (conferences, concerts, etc), and even in the edit suite, they perform flawlessly. Scarily reliable (in that my logical self keeps telling me this can't be working as well as it always does).
Verified Customer
Love Sony Tape stock by J. on 02-17-11
  • Pros Just a brand that we trust and has never let us down.
  • Cons More people don't use this format
  • How this product is used Master Recording for all our sporting events
Verified Customer
Sony DVCam Video Tape by Hank on 03-08-11
  • Pros It's made by Sony!
  • Cons .
  • Other Notes Good Stuff. It works on two different speeds.
  • How this product is used We use this product for Archival purposes of events.
Verified Customer
184 DVCAM tape by Patrick on 06-01-11
  • Pros Tapes have work well.
  • Cons None.
Verified Customer
timely delivery by Jonathan on 02-22-12
  • Pros rock solid performance
  • Cons N/A
  • Other Notes timely delivery on all products
  • How this product is used used to record line cuts for live events