3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit

Part Number: VID-KIT-0003

3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
  • 3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
  • 3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
  • 3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit




3DR APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit

It's tailored for use with ArduPilot Mega and the MAVlink protocol, and designed to be as compact as possible. It's main components are an ATmega328P 8 bit microcontroller with an Arduino bootloader, and a MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display. Programming is done through an FTDI-compatible 6-pin cable.

It features two independent power and ground sections to isolate the OSD's analog stage: a +5V section for the ATmega and the OSD's digital stage, powered through the FTDI cable or other +5V source; and a regulated +5V section for the OSD's analog stage, powered through the video in/out header and capable of handling up to +12V input. Solder jumpers are available to combine the two power and ground sections if desired.

Starting on 4/30/2012, all boards are version 1.1, which reflects a change in the voltage regulator to deal with excessive heating issues.

  • ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
  • FTDI cable compatible pinout
  • Standard 6-pin ISP header
  • Two independent power sections with an LED indicator on each
  • Solder jumpers for combining the power sections
  • +5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input
  • Solder jumper for PAL video option
  • Exposed test points for HSYNC and LOS
  • Dimensions: 0.7"W x 1.7"L (2.4" w/ pins as shown) x 0.3"H

  • TOL Part #: VID-KIT-0003
  • Manufacturer's Part #: VID-KIT-0003
  • Model: APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
  • Product ID: 5991