CMC Pro 52x CD-R Watershield White Inkjet Printable

Part Number: TCDR-WPP-SB-WS1





CMC Pro CD-R 52x White Inkjet WaterShield, Spindle of 50 - TCDR-WPP-SB-WS1

Taiyo Yuden has rebranded its disc media as JVC Advanced Media. For more information on this name change, view our Taiyo Yuden JVC info page.

This product replaces JVC Part Number J-CDR-WPP-SB-WS1, which was previously the replacement for Taiyo Yuden part # CDR80WPPSB-WS.

WaterShield CD-Rs provide a water resistant surface for your inkjet printable discs. The WaterShield discs feature a water resistant, scratch resistant surface, along with a glossy finish.

WaterShield media ensures your discs stay protected from harsh environmental elements by repelling water and protecting from wear and scratches.

You can get the glossy look of a thermal printer with your inkjet printer and blank Watershield disc media from CMC Pro.

  • TOL Part #: TCDR-WPP-SB-WS1
  • Manufacturer's Part #: TCDR-WPP-SB-WS1
  • Model: TCDR-WPP-SB-WS1
  • Product ID: 6489