Atomos H2S HDMI to HD-SDI Connect Converter

Part Number: H2S

Atomos H2S HDMI to HD-SDI Connect Converter
  • Atomos H2S HDMI to HD-SDI Connect Converter




Interface HDMI to HD-SDI
Interface HDMI to HD-SDI

Connect Converters are the ultimate conversion and test tools for any video situation. H2S model converts HDMI to HD-SDI. Internal and external battery options allow you to convert anytime, anywhere.

Built for convenience, Connect Converters are lightweight and fit in your pocket. The modular design allows you to mount the converter on Ninja 1/2 and other Connect units, or stack up to six units together. Powered by battery or AC, they also give you 3:2 Pulldown removal, Test Pattern and audio signal generation. We've even included a flashlight for use in dark locations!

The built-in Test Pattern Generator has multiple patterns, in both SD and HD. HD Mode includes 1080p50 and 60 - true 3G modes. The modes are indicated by coloured LEDs. Connect with your Ninja 1/2 to give it HD-SDI connectivity.

Box Contents:

  • H2S unit
  • 9V AC Adaptor
  • AC Battery Charger
  • 12V DC Travel Adaptor
  • NP Series Battery
  • QuickStart Guide

  • TOL Part #: H2S
  • Manufacturer's Part #: H2S
  • Model: H2S HDMI to HD-SDI Connect Converter
  • Product ID: 4033