Bethel Plastics Wide 8 Disc DVD Case

Part Number: 8 DVD BK NG

Wide 8 Disc DVD Case
  • Wide 8 Disc DVD Case




Color Black
Case Type DVD Case
Capacity 8 Discs
Width 27mm

Bethel Plastics 8 Disc DVD Case - 8 DVD BK NG

This 8 disc DVD case holds up to 8 DVD, CD-R or Blu-ray discs. Great for storing a large collection of discs, this DVD box is 27mm wide at the spine.

The case features sturdy black plastic and a full sleeve on the outside of the case.

  • TOL Part #: 8 Disc DVD Case
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 8 DVD BK NG
  • Model: Wide 8 Disc DVD Case
  • Product ID: 2924
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