Bryco MiniDV Rack 50

Part Number: MDV-50

Bryco MiniDV Rack 50
  • Bryco MiniDV Rack 50


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 5 $14.95
6 200000 $13.95


Color Black
Capacity 50 Tapes
Compatibility Mini DV

Bryco MiniDV Tape Rack: MDV-50

Durable plastic storage rack for Mini Dv tapes

  • Compatibility: MiniDV tapes
  • Capacity: 50 tapes
  • Wall mountable

  • TOL Part #: CB-MDV-50
  • Manufacturer's Part #: MDV-50
  • Model: MiniDV Rack 50
  • Product ID: 400

Nice rack

Scott - 05/09/13

PROS: Very sturdy and compact

Worth the price!

Jeff - 06/22/11

PROS: Simple Design Tapes stay in place lying flat or mounted on wall. Pre drilled holes allow for mounting vertical and horizontal(Vertical is better for storage) Sure beats the cardboard boxes I had been using CONS: none for my purposes THOUGHTS: Other color options would be nice to have. USAGE: Storage of mini dv tapes.


Joseph - 05/08/11

PROS: Just what I needed to keep track of my tapes and their order when I do long projects. CONS: Can't think of any USAGE: Organization