CalDigit 1024GB SSD Module for AV Pro / T-Series

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  • Compatibility: CalDigit AV Pro/T3 Series
  • Transfer Rate:
  • Interface:
  • Spindle Speed: SSD
  • Capacity: 1024 GB

ID: 6005



CalDigit1024GB SSD Drive Module for AV Pro/T-Series Drives - CDDrive-5TB

Replacement/additional SSD drive module for the CalDigit AV Pro and T-Series lines of hard drive solutions.

The hot swappable drive module on the front of the unit allows users to take out the drive and add a new one. This is perfect for people who need to conveniently move data across edit suites - they can take the drive module out of an AV Pro, and put it into another AV Pro in a different location, and access the data on the drive. Other single drive solutions on the market do not have this functionality, which is why the AV Pro can expand as the storage demands of your projects increase.

The CalDigit AV Pro's removable hot swappable drive module not only works with other AV Pro's, but can also be used with the CalDigit T-Series - creating a synergy between CalDigit storage that is truly unparalleled.

All additional drive modules that users can purchase for the AV Pro come packaged in a sturdy Archive Box for safe and secure storage. This is ideal for people who are taking advantage of the AV Pro's bus powered feature and are using their AV Pro on location, needing to protect any extra drive modules from bumps, and scrapes! The Archive Boxes are also ideal for users who want to safely store and organize their additional drive modules for later use, in the event that you need to access that data in the future. Do you work on projects across multiple offices or locations? If so the AV Pro's Archive Box is an ideal solution for transporting your drives from location to location, safe in knowledge that your valuable data is protected.

  • 1024GB capacity
  • Solid state drive
  • 1 Year Warranty
ID: 6005 BRAND: CalDigit PART NUMBER: CDDrive-S1TB / 500097 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand CalDigit
Product Type Spare Hard Drive Modules
Model CDDrive-S1TB
Part Number CDDrive-S1TB / 500097
Compatibility CalDigit AV Pro/T3 Series
Transfer Rate
Spindle Speed SSD
Capacity 1024 GB

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