TapeOnline.com CD Jewel Case - Clear

Part Number: 10.4mm CD Jewel - Clear

CD Jewel Case - Clear
  • CD Jewel Case - Clear


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
200 1000 $0.30
1200 3000 $0.28
3200 200000 $0.25


Color Clear
Case Type Jewel Case
Capacity 1 Disc
Width 0.3 Inch

TapeOnline.com - 10.4mm CD Jewel Case - Clear

TapeOnline's CD/DVD jewel cases are perfect for storing and organizing your CDs and DVDs . Clear front and clear back tray accommodate both the front and back trayliner inserts.

Corresponding Ace case inserts are the 20422-C and 20622-C .

Recommended storage for disc media is upright in individual storage cases. Use these CD jewel cases to keep your discs safe and secure.

  • TOL Part #: 10.4mm CD Jewel Clear
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 10.4mm CD Jewel - Clear
  • Model: CD Jewel Case - Clear
  • Product ID: 3067
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