Duracell PROCELL AA Battery 4-Pack

Part Number: 243-PC1500BKD

Duracell PROCELL AA Battery 4-Pack
  • Duracell PROCELL AA Battery 4-Pack


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 5 $2.00
6 200000 $1.92


Type Alkaline
Size AA
Voltage 1.5 Volts
Count 4 Batteries

Duracell PROCELL Alkaline AA Batteries- (PC1500 / 243-PC1500BKD)

Dependable, long lasting power with up to a 7 year freshness guarantee. Operates reliably in temperature extremes of -20 degrees Celsius to 54 degrees Celsius. Date coded to guarantee freshness. Contains no added mercury. Good for use in pagers, remotes, flashlights, calculators, meters, door locks, cellular phones, scanners, cameras, infusion pumps or anywhere a AA battery is used.

  • TOL Part #: BP-PC1500-AA
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 243-PC1500BKD
  • Model: PROCELL AA Battery 4-Pack
  • Product ID: 389

Getter Done

Brian - 05/04/12

PROS: They get me through most of the day in my wireless mics CONS: it's a regular battery

Duracell Procell

Bill - 02/01/12

PROS: The packaging is helpful. My wireless mike and receiver needs a total of four AA batteries. These come in a nice box of four. It's much easier than dealing with big packs of 20 or 24 batteries....where some end up in the bottom of your bag or you can't remembe which batteries are fresh and which are dead. CONS: none USAGE: To power my wireless lav mics.


VICTOR - 10/28/11

PROS: Excellent performance CONS: Excellent Service TapeOnLine.com USAGE: With Sony VX-2100 wireless remote