E-Films Express Card Case

Part Number: EF-1103

E-Films Express Card Case
  • E-Films Express Card Case




Capacity 1 Expresscard with SD card installed + 1 SD card in lid
Color Transparent
Card Compatibility MxR / e-LCR / SxS

E-Films Expresscard Case - EF-1103

E-Films Express Card case is designed to store their line of MxR/e-LCR cards with an SDHC/SDXC card installed. It also can hold a second SDHC/SDXC card inside the hinged lid. It can even store a Sony SxS Pro card! Card insert for labelling is included.

  • TOL Part #: EF-1103
  • Manufacturer's Part #: EF-1103
  • Model: Express Card Case
  • Product ID: 5748