Evaluated Media Evaluated HDCAM 124 Minutes Large Cassette

Part Number: EVAL-S-124-HDCAM

Evaluated Media Evaluated HDCAM 124 Minutes Large Cassette
  • Evaluated Media Evaluated HDCAM 124 Minutes Large Cassette




Tape Size Large Cassette
60i Run Time 124 Minutes
24p Run Time 155 Minutes

EVALUATED MEDIA: This is previously used stock that has been erased and tested for errors. It is 100% guaranteed - stock will be replaced if found to be defective.

    Sony 124 Minute HDCAM Videotape: BCT-124HDL

    • Sony's ultra fine metal particles and calendering technology realize high C/N of more than 45dB or more than enough range for HDCAM Digital High Definition Recording with a recording wavelength of  0.49um.
    • Metal particles 50% smaller than Digital Betacam to ensure stable recording.
    • Aluminum silica protective layer with an anti-oxidation effect achieves outstanding archival characteristics.
    • Low-shrinkage tape also helps to accomplish outstanding archival characteristics.
    • High reliability and the ability to withstand repeated playbacks and edits is realized through Sony's binder design.

    HDCAM Recording Time Chart

    For more information on HDCAM, check out our HDCAM FAQ page .

  • TOL Part #: EVAL-S-124-HDCAM
  • Manufacturer's Part #: EVAL-S-124-HDCAM
  • Model: EVAL-S-124-HDCAM
  • Product ID: 3285

Evaluation of Evaluated Tape

Andy - 06/03/11

PROS: Tape was as good as new. No problems while recording. CONS: A little expensive do to the shortage of tapes right now. USAGE: Recording show materials for a client.