Evergreen C-PAK CD/DVD case

Part Number: Clam shell

Evergreen C-PAK CD/DVD case
  • Evergreen C-PAK CD/DVD case


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
50 450 $0.20
500 2147483647 $0.19


Color Clear
Case Type Polypropylene Plastic
Capacity 1 Disc

CD/DVD C-PAK Clamshell Case

The new C-PAK from Evergreen provides an economical solution for your CD , DVD , or Blu-ray storage needs. Made of an ultra-clear polypropylene material, the C-PAK uses a center push-to-close feature that keeps your disc safe, while also displaying the image on the disc through the clear plastic.

The C-PAK clamshell case is perfect for a variety of applications. It's lightweight, so mailing the case with a disc will be cheaper than other storage options, and it is made of a durable plastic that keeps it from breaking if dropped or handled repeatedly.

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  • TOL Part #: ClamShell
  • Manufacturer's Part #: Clam shell
  • Model: C-PAK CD/DVD case
  • Product ID: 3229