Evergreen CD/DVD Paper Sleeve with Window

Part Number: PS-W

Evergreen CD/DVD Paper Sleeve with Window
  • Evergreen CD/DVD Paper Sleeve with Window


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
100 400 $0.09
500 1900 $0.07
2000 2147483647 $0.05


Color White
Material Paper
Capacity 1 Case
Count 100 Sleeves
Type Disc Storage

Evergreen CD/DVD White Paper Sleeve with Window

Paper disc sleeves are an excellent product for protecting your discs in a super thin form factor. The plastic window on the front side of the sleeve allows your disc label to show for easy disc identification.

White paper is a great medium for hand-written notes and labels. These thin CD/DVD paper sleeves take up little space, ideal for storing many discs in a small area.

These are 100 gram paper sleeves.

  • TOL Part #: PS-W
  • Manufacturer's Part #: PS-W
  • Model: CD/DVD Paper Sleeve with Window
  • Product ID: 4277

Nice sleeves

Jim - 09/09/14

PROS: They work well and don't fall apart. They are very nice sleeves for the money. CONS: There are no cons to these sleeves. THOUGHTS: I think I should take more vacations. USAGE: How did I use these sleeves? Strangely enough, I put DVDs into them. Blu-ray disks also fit into them nicely, and although I didn't use CDs in them, I betcha I could have done that too. Maybe I do need to take more vacations since I found some enjoyment out of filling out a review for paper sleeves.