Fellowes Label Applicators - Blue

Part Number: CAX-180423

Label Applicator, Blue
  • Label Applicator, Blue




Color Blue
Disc Compatibility CD / DVD / Blu-ray

Fellowes NEATO CD Label Applicator, CAX-180423

Fellowes' Neato CD Label Applicator is an easy-to-use applicator for applying CD/DVD labels . It centers your CD or DVD label perfectly every time. The Neato CD Label Applicator conveniently fits on top of desk or in a desk drawer.

Apply labels to your CD's and DVD's discs quickly, easily, and perfectly - everytime.

How to use the NEATO CD Label Applicator

  1. Place the Neato CD Label Applicator on a flat surface. The base should rest flat, with the post of the plunger facing upward.
  2. Remove the printed adhesive CD label from its backing. To do this, lay the paper on a flat surface, printed side down. Hold down an edge of the printed CD label with either your finger or a pointed instrument while you simultaneously lift away the backing. This procedure will help minimize tearing or curling.
  3. Place the printed CD label on the Neato CD Label Applicator, sticky side up. Make sure it is laying flat on the base.
  4. Orient the hole in the CD over the post and lower the CD onto the base, data side up (the reflective side of the CD).
  5. Press down on the center of the CD. Avoid touching the reflective area of the CD. Instead, try to keep your fingers on the plastic center ring.
  6. Remove the CD and push out any air bubbles under the label by running your fingers around the CD in a circular motion.

  • TOL Part #: NTO-180423
  • Manufacturer's Part #: CAX-180423
  • Model: CAX-180423
  • Product ID: 1224