Fujifilm M321SP-30S

Part Number: 24035030

Fujifilm M321SP-30S
  • Fujifilm M321SP-30S




Run Time 30 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

Fuji 30 Minute Betacam SP Videotape- M321SP-30S

Metallix Particles

Fujifilm Super-Fine Metallix metal magnetic particles are formulated. That formulation helps them match the high carrier signal frequencies of Betacam SP. They are also given an oxidation-resistant surface treatment to ensure long, reliable service.

Durable Construction

Four-layer construction and advanced calendering technology boost tape transport stability and provide a mirror-smooth finish for excellent tape-to-head contact and minimal head wear.

Minimal Dropouts

The superior magnetic particle formulation and tape construction technologies ensure high durability and low electrical resistance at the tape surface. As a result, dropouts are kept to a minimum- even after prolonged use under adverse environmental conditions.

Extended Still & High Speed Playback

Still playback capability runs up to 180 minutes. RF output decreases are minimal even after repeated search, pause, jog, and shuttle operations.

Excellent High-Frequency Signal Response

Exclusive metal magnetic particle formulation and dispersion technologies assure excellent high-frequency response.

  • TOL Part #: VFP-M321SP-30S
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 24035030
  • Model: M321SP-30S
  • Product ID: 1493