Fujifilm D5001-M63

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Part Number: 14917299

Fujifilm D5001-M63
  • Fujifilm D5001-M63


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D-5 Run Time 63 Minutes
D-3 Run Time 126 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette

Fuji 63 Minute D-5 Videotape: D5001-M63

D5 tape from Fuji has ultra-fine, high-output metal magentic particles and superior calendering technology to make the surface of the tape mirror smooth. Low error rates, minimal noise, and excellent head contact are the results of the advanced particles and calendering.

The high-adhesion binder from Fuji assures outstanding reliability and minimal head clogging. The M63 and L124 tapes have an added PEN base film that is resistant to scratching. The advanced backcoating material creates stable tape transport by keeping friction to a minimum.

Long term storage is an excellent option with Fuji's advanced coatings. The metal magnetic particles are coated with an antioxidant to ensure better magnetic performance and high output. The high quality base material also prevents tape shrinkage.

Cassette shells from Fuji are designed to withstand rough conditions. The shell keeps the tape protected and the transport stable. The tape is protected from deformation and damage and accidental erasure of the control and video signals.

  • TOL Part #: VFP-D5-M63
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 14917299
  • Model: D5001-M63
  • Product ID: 1397