Fujifilm R-15

Part Number: 24019015

Fujifilm R-15
  • Fujifilm R-15


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 99 $3.14
100 200000 $3.04


Runtime 15 Minutes

Fujifilm R-DAT, R-15

The Fujifilm line-up of professional-use digital audio tape (DAT) cassettes is designed to meet the diverse audio recording needs of studio and broadcast professionals around the world. Thanks to advanced magnetic particle packing technologies that were originally developed for the production of computer media, these cassettes boast exceptionally high output and an ultra-low block error rate.

  • High Energy Output and Ultra-Low Block Error Rate
  • Rib Guides Prevent Tape Slack and Jamming
  • Maximum Protection Against Dust and Dirt
  • Convenient Index Cards Facilitate Library Management
  • Length: R-15

  • TOL Part #: AFP-R-15
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 24019015
  • Model: R-15
  • Product ID: 167