Fujifilm D321-40S

Part Number: 24038040

Fujifilm D321-40S
  • Fujifilm D321-40S




Run Time 40 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

Fujifilm Digital Betacam 40 Minutes Small Cassette - D321-40S

Superior calendering technology creates a mirror-smooth surface achieving a high C/N ratio and low error rate during high-density digital recording. Superior binder material provides high durability. Improved magnetic particle adhesion along with a high-quality backcoating material provide a low coefficient of friction and stable tape transport - even during high-speed editing operations. An ultra-thin protective layer prevents oxidation ensuring playback even after long-term storage.

Fujifilm production technology prevents tape shrinkage, dramatically reducing tracking errors from tape deformation.Rugged album case seals out dust through protruding reel-hub rests with raised flanges along and a special tongue-and-groove case seal.

  • TOL Part #: VFP-D321-40S
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 24038040
  • Model: D321-40S
  • Product ID: 1385