Fujifilm DLT IV 40 GB

Part Number: 600003132

Fujifilm DLT IV 40 GB
  • Fujifilm DLT IV 40 GB




Native Capacity 40 GB
Compressed Capactiy 80 GB
Generation DLT IV

Fuji DLT, DLT4-TK88

Fujifilm DLT tape is the answer to the high capacity storage and archiving needs of midrange systems, network servers, and high-end workstations. Fujifilm's industry-leading ATOMM technology delivers the durability and reliability you need to protect your data investment.

  • Capacity: 40GB (Native) / 80GB (compressed).
  • Transfer speed: 6MB/s (Native) / 12 MB/s (compressed).
  • Drive compatibility: DLT 8000, DLT 7000, DLT 4000, DLT1.
  • Backwards read compatible with Super DLT tape drives.
  • Low error rate.
  • Low head wear.
  • 30-Year archival life.
  • Fuji's advanced manufacturing and tape-splitting technology keeps lateral tape fluctuations to within just a few microns, resulting in a hardware-attributable error rate of just 1 bit per 1017 bytes.
  • ATOMM's smooth surface and long-lasting lubricant assure head life of over 30,000 hours.

  • TOL Part #: DF-DLT4-TK88
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 600003132
  • Model: DLT4-TK88
  • Product ID: 587