Fujifilm Ultrium LTO 5 - 16008030

Part Number: 16008030

Ultrium LTO 5 - 16008030
  • Ultrium LTO 5 - 16008030




Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3 TB
Transfer Rate 280 MB/s
Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3TB
Native Transfer Rate 140 MB/sec
Compressed Transfer Rate 280 MB/s

Fujifilm Ultrium LTO 5 Tape

Compressed, Ultrium LTO 5 from Fujifilm offers 3.0TB of (1.5TB native) capacity on a single LTO cartridge.

NANOCUBIC Technology
Fujifilm's NANOCUBIC technology creates an ultra-thin magnetic layer, one tenth the size of older ATOM technology. Nano-particle technology allows for uniform particle distribution across the tape. This results in low-noise media.

New Hub Design
To avoid damage to the tape's edge, Fuji has designed a new tape hub with a stronger structure and new materials. This improves running stability and archival life.

  • TOL Part #: Fuji LTO 5
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 16008030
  • Model: Ultrium LTO 5
  • Product ID: 3204
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