Fujifilm Mini DV 60 Minute DVCassette

Part Number: DVM60AME J 23030065

Fujifilm Mini DV 60 Minute DVCassette
  • Fujifilm Mini DV 60 Minute DVCassette




Mini DV/HDV Run Time 60 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

Fujifilm Mini DV 60 Minute DVCassette DVC-60 - DVM60AME J

  • With a low error rate, Fuji Mini DV tapes deliver high output and high C/N ratio needed for high-density digital recording.
  • Fuji Mini DV tapes have a thin cobalt-vacuum-evaporated magnetic layer that gives high energy levels with retentivity of 450mT and coercivity of 120kA.
  • A specially formulated protective layer ensures excellent durability and safeguards the high performance of the cobalt-evaporated magnetic layer. The diamond-like resilience of the protective layer offers greater wear resistance and creates an impenetrable barrier to moisture when paired with the lubricant layer. This allows high output to be maintained and the low-friction coefficient of the lubricant layer provides stable transport under various environments.
  • The cassette has a wide margin of error due to the thin cobalt-evaporated magnetic layer which reduces spacing loss for a low error rate, even in the short-wavelength range.
  • Also called DVM60AME J, DVM60 ME, DVC-60, 15298365.

  • TOL Part #: VFC-DVC-60
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DVM60AME J 23030065
  • Model: Mini DV 60 Minute DVCassette
  • Product ID: 1322

Fuji dv Tapes

John P. - 12/27/11

PROS: Great Tapes never a problem. not one issue in ten years. Fast delivery CONS: none


Kurt - 12/06/10

PROS: Good quility CONS: Have trouble with playback in DVC pro deck. THOUGHTS: Great space saver. USAGE: Use for remote taping.