Fujifilm BT-60TI

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Part Number: 600002614

  • BT-60TI


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Record Ability Tab In
Run Time 60 Minutes
Case Type Bulk (No Case)
Run Time 60 Minutes
Record Ability Tab In
Case Type Bulk (No Case)

Fuji 60 Minute Bulk VHS: BT-60TI

  • Hour long bulk VHS tapes from Fuji meet the needs of low to medium volume duplicators.
  • The low price, high quality videocassette works for professional or industrial users needing to present or distribute material.
  • These VHS bulk videotapes offer 60 minutes of record time.
  • Bulk VHS tapes do not include labels or sleeves, but come shrinkwrapped.
  • VHS sleeves are available for storage or distribution.

  • TOL Part #: VFP-BT-60TI~
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 600002614
  • Model: BT-60TI
  • Product ID: 1354
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