Fujifilm PD711 - 50GB

Part Number: 15930303

Fujifilm PD711 - 50GB
  • Fujifilm PD711 - 50GB




Capacity 50 GB
Layer Dual Layer
Case Type Plastic Case
Cartridge Type Plastic Cartridge
DVCAM Run Time 185 Minutes
Write Speed 2.4x

Fuji - XDCAM PD711-50GB - 15930303

Fujifilm PD711DL 50GB Professional Discs are designed to work with all dual-layer compatible XDCAM hardware. Featuring excellent data integrity and archival capabilities, the PD711DL is the ideal solution for broadcasters and video professionals whose work requires higher capacity recording on a single disc.

Key Features

  • Outstanding Durability
  • Precision designed and engineered cartridges
  • Anti-static coating on shutter and bottom half of cartridge
  • Bright red cartridge for easy identification
  • Capacity: 50.0GB

  • TOL Part #: VFP-PD711-50GB
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 15930303
  • Model: PD711 - 50GB
  • Product ID: 3610