GoPole REACH (14-40" Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras)

Part Number: GPR-9

REACH (14-40
  • REACH (14-40
  • REACH (14-40
  • REACH (14-40
  • REACH (14-40
  • REACH (14-40




Compatibility HERO4 / HERO 3+ / HERO3 / HERO / HERO2 / Original HD HERO


Extend the capabilities of your GoPro® HERO camera by getting closer to the action and capturing unique angles. Capture selfies with ease or flip the camera around on the pivoting head to shoot your subject with stability and precision.

The 4-Stage telescoping body makes Reach compact and portable at only 14" retracted. Integrated twist locks allow the Reach to be extended up to 40". Attach your GoPro Smart Remote or Wi-Fi Remote to the removable remote clip to control your GoPro® camera from your fingertips. Use the included wrist-strap to secure to your wrist during high action filming.

  • Dimensions: 14" x 0.98" x 0.98"
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Materials: Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel Hardware

This product is 100% compatible with all GoPro® HERO Cameras.

  • TOL Part #: GPR-9
  • Manufacturer's Part #: GPR-9
  • Model: REACH (14-40" Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras)
  • Product ID: 5926
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