Part Number: DAT15

  • HHB DAT15




Runtime 15 Minutes

HHB DAT Audio Tape, DAT15

HHB DAT (Digital Audio Tape) has been independently proven to be the most dependable brand of DAT tape.

  • 15 minute running time.
  • Ultra-fine, high-density metal particle recording layer delivers high output and retentivity.
  • Specially formulated binder system combines with a durable back coating to ensure consistently low block error rates, even after multiple passes and prolonged high speed shuttling.
  • Flexible base film allows a better head wrap, resulting in less head wear.
  • Rigid shell is capable of withstanding a temperature of 107°C (212.6°F) without warping.
  • Anti-static lid discharges quickly, avoiding damaging build ups of dust.
  • Hub braking system reduces tape slack when ejecting.
  • Ultra-fine, high-density metal particle recording layer.
  • Advanced binder formulation keeps block errors low.
  • Flexible film base minimizes head wear.
  • Shatterproof polypropylene cases.
  • Secure archival life in excess of 30 years

  • TOL Part #: AHP-DAT15
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DAT15
  • Model: DAT15
  • Product ID: 191