HHB DA113DC-double coated

Part Number: DA113DC

HHB DA113DC-double coated
  • HHB DA113DC-double coated




Runtime 113 Minutes


HHB DTRS tape is double coated for exceptionally high output, increased carrier to noise ratio, and low block error rates.

  • 113 minute running time.
  • Approved by Tascam for use with their DTRS recorders.
  • The tape base is coated with an ultra-thin layer of metal magnetic particles over a layer of fine non-magnetic particles which contains a lubricant for smooth running of the tape during use.
  • A rugged binder enhances durability, and the back coating substrate minimizes friction during high speed shuttling.
  • Rigid, heat resistant shell.
  • Secure archival life in excess of 10 years.

  • TOL Part #: AHP-DA113DC
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DA113DC
  • Model: DA113DC-double coated
  • Product ID: 186