Hoodman SXSXSDXC Memory Adapter

Part Number: SXSXSDXC

Hoodman SXSXSDXC Memory Adapter
  • Hoodman SXSXSDXC Memory Adapter




Form Factor SxS / PCI Express
Accepted Memory Cards SDHC

Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC SDHC Memory Adapter

The Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC Memory Adapter plugs into the SxS slot in your Sony EX SxS camcorder allowing you to shoot on inexpensive SDHC cards as an alternative to standard Sony SxS cards.

In order for the Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC SDHC Memory Adapter to function properly with your camera, you must be using a Sony EX Camcorder with firmware 1.11_0531 or 1.12. EX Camcorders produced after August of 2008 have the appropriate firmware installed. Owners of EX Camcorders produced prior to August 2008 can ask their Sony dealer for a firmware upgrade.

Hoodman SxSxSDHC adapters are designed for use in Sony EX Camcorders only.

You must use a class 6 or higher SDHC card with this adapter. Hoodman recommends using only Hoodman RAW SDHC cards with this adapter.

The Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC SDHC Memory Adapter when used with a class 6 SDHC card will allow you to record SD or HD video at the highest quality setting at 24 or 30fps. Higher frame rates (60fps) require a Class 10 SDHC card for full overcranking.

Hoodman SxS SDHC Adapter Cards are not compatible with the Sony SBAC-US10 SxS to USB Card Reader.

Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC SDHC Memory Adapters come with a 1 year warranty.

  • Manufacturer's Part #: SXSXSDXC
  • Model: SXSXSDXC Memory Adapter
  • Product ID: 2436