HP C7975A - LTO 5 - C7975A

Part Number: C7975A

HP C7975A - LTO 5 - C7975A
  • HP C7975A - LTO 5 - C7975A




Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3 TB
Transfer Rate 280 MB/s
Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3TB
Native Transfer Rate 140 MB/sec
Compressed Transfer Rate 280 MB/s

HP - C7975A - LTO 5

HP LTO 5 data backup tapes are designed using HP's technology to be compatible with HP and non-HP Ultrium products. With an active internal head cleaning, self-diagnostic capacities, cartridge memory, and long life expectancy, HP Ultrium cartridges will meet your needs.

HP LTO 5 cartridges offer data encryption to protect your data. With native AES-256 bit key encryption enabled and transfer speeds up to 280 MB/second. This tape has a compressed capacity of 3TB, almost doubling the capacity of LTO 3.


  • 3072 Gigabyte / 3 Terabyte Capacity
  • New basefilm and coating technology from HP increases the bit density.
  • Increased margin between Early Warning End of Media (EWEOM) and End of Media (EOM). This helps in the archiving process to make sure complete data sets are maintained on one tape, eliminating the need for tape spanning.
  • Linear Tape File System makes using tape as easy and intuitive as other removable storage media, such as USB drives.

  • TOL Part #: C7975A
  • Manufacturer's Part #: C7975A
  • Model: C7975A - LTO 5
  • Product ID: 3328