JVC 8x DVD-R Silver Inkjet Printable - 100 Discs

Part Number: J-DMR-SPY-SB8

JVC 8x DVD-R Silver Inkjet Printable - 100 Discs
  • JVC 8x DVD-R Silver Inkjet Printable - 100 Discs




Product Line Premium
Print Technology Inkjet
Write Speed 8x
Surface Silver Inkjet Printable
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Packaging Spindle
Count 100 Discs
Capacity 4.7 GB
Disc Type DVD
Surface Silver Inkjet Printable
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Print Technology Inkjet
Count 100 Discs
Case Type Spindle

JVC / Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Silver InkjetPrintable - J-DMR-SPY-SB

Taiyo Yuden has rebranded its disc media as JVC Advanced Media. For more information on this name change, view our Taiyo Yuden JVC info page.

This product replaces Taiyo Yuden part # DVD-R47SPY100SB8.

  • Capacity: 120 minutes / 4.7 GB
  • No stack ring
  • Packaging: 100 disc spindle
  • Compatible with inket disc printers

Silver Inkjet Printable Media from JVC gives a subtle reflective sheen to your inkjet printed discs. The silvery surface provides an iridescent background for your high color images. Inkjet printable media has a special absorbtion layer to accept the ink and soak it in to prevent a mess while printing. Inkjet printable discs give you a professional look with multiple colors and high resolution graphics!

JVC Media Features

  • Widest record and playback compatibility
  • Few rejects with a failure rate of less than .006%
  • Writes all formats of Audio and Data

  • TOL Part #: J-DMR-SPY-SB
  • Manufacturer's Part #: J-DMR-SPY-SB8
  • Model: DVD-R 8x Silver Inkjet Printable
  • Product ID: 2829

JVC=Taiyo Yuden=Rock Solid

Patrick - 12/06/10

PROS: I use a combination of these and the white printable dvd's. These are great for those times that I really want the dvd art to pop out. No record failures or printing issues. CONS: Are you kidding? THOUGHTS: Seriously, these dvd's are great. Don't skimp and get the cheaper ones.

Great DVD's

Cole - 12/06/10

PROS: Never had a problem with them. Our printer won't print the hub and these are the only ones we can find that have the right sized hub for our printer. CONS: none so far. USAGE: Video Production