LaCie Gold Care, Level 3

Part Number: 900257

Gold Care, Level 3
  • Gold Care, Level 3




Warranty Repair Yes
Phone Support Yes
Extended Support Hours Yes
Remote Support Yes
Extended Warranty Yes
Worldwide Warranty Yes
Advanced Replacement Yes
Data Recovery No

LaCie Gold Care Hard Drive Service - Level 3

LaCie now offers Warranty upgrade plans to go along with their popular lines of hard drives. Level 3 covers 2big NAS, 4big, and 5big models.

Please call to ensure that you are buying the correct care package for your hard drive model.

Check the serial number of your device for warranty eligibility here.

LaCie Gold Care plans include the following:

Warranty Repair Service

Phone Support

Extended Support Hours

Remote Support

LaCie technicians, on request, can access your computer to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Extended Warranty

  • Standard 3-year warranty becomes 5-year
  • Standard 2-year warranty becomes 3-year
  • Standard 1-year warranty becomes 2-year

Worldwide Warranty

  • Receive full support in any country from the closest LaCie support office.
  • Utilize closest LaCie Repair Center for the fastest service with a failed product.

Advanced Replacement

  • Replacement product ships within 48 hours.
  • Free shipping both ways.

Dedicated Support

  • 24-Hour Web-Based Assistance
  • In-House Technical Support
  • Technical Experts Dedicated to Professional Products

Gold Care Warranty Upgrade available within 30 days of original purchase of your product.

Compatible with the following LaCie products offered at

  • TOL Part #: 900257
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 900257
  • Model: Gold Care, Level 3
  • Product ID: 3885
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