Lee Color Effects Pre-Cut Gel Filter Pack

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  • Form: Pre-Cut Filter Pack
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ID: 5033



Lee Colour Effects Pre-Cut Filter Pack

A selection of saturated effect colors for use on backgrounds and for accent lights. In addition to general effects the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) can be used for color mixing. Includes two 12" x 10" filter sheets of each of the following:

  • 181 Congo Blue: Looks like black light when used with a fluorescent source. Great effect color, very saturated.
  • 119 Dark Blue: Good for mood effects created by backlighting and side lighting. Creates great contrast.
  • 139 Primary Green: Good for set lighting and cyclorama lighting.
  • 010 Medium Yellow: A pure bright yellow. Great for special effects and accents. Use with caution in acting areas.
  • 106 Primary Red: Strong red effect. Good with cyclorama lighting.
  • 790 Moroccan Pink: A rich natural pink, good for producing late afternoon sun effects.
ID: 5033 BRAND: Lee PART NUMBER: LS9055 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Lee
Product Type Color Effects Gels
Model Color Effects Pre-Cut Gel Filter Pack
Part Number LS9055
Form Pre-Cut Filter Pack

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