Litegear LED LiteDimmer Hybrid

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Litegear LED LiteDimmer HYBRID

LiteDimmer Hybrid is the most advanced handheld LED dimmer on the market. It is the backbone of control for LiteGear's Hybrid LED products. Hybrid LiteRibbon and LiteCard are designed with both cool and warm LED emitters that when used with LiteDimmer Hybrid allow precise adjustment of Kelvin temperature ranging from 3000° to 6000°K. Its simple yet powerful approach to controlling color temperature and brightness sets a new standard of performance and quality while allowing the kind of flexibility demanded from lighting professionals.

The Hybrid LiteDimmer utilizes a unique LiteGear design called DynaRythmic PWM which allows Kelvin and brightness settings to remain completely independent. This allows the user to lock in the brightness level desired then dial in a precise Kelvin temperature anywhere in the full spectrum range of tungsten to daylight. All this is accomplished with the confidence of knowing that all settings are completely flicker-free and tested at camera speeds up to 480 FPS. One LiteDimmer Hybrid is capable of controlling approximately 1,200 VHO-LED emitters. This equates to 10 meters of VHO120, 20 meters of VHO 60 and 40 meters of VHO30 LiteRibbon.

LiteDimmers offer a beautiful, full output dimming range from 0 to 100%, and also includes a "œLow Mode" that dramatically increases the range of adjustment on the low-end allowing appropriate level control when working at low light levels. A "œTwo Channel" mode also allows LiteDimmer Hybrid to function as 2 "œSingle" dimmers when needed.

LiteDimmer Hybrid is housed in a rugged aluminum case and protected with non scratch rubber end caps. The interface includes a three position switch with on, off, and low modes settings. Adjustments are made with 2 rotary controls, one for Kelvin Temp, the other for brightness. Both controls are hide-away enabled allowing the knobs to be safely recessed into the case to prevent accidental changes to critical settings and prevent damage when not in use. A multi-color indicator light shows dimmer status such as on-off, high or low mode, and over-temperature warnings, etc. The Hybrid LiteDimmer utilizes a panel mounted LiteGear HyConn connector for a robust connection that allows full integration with the LitePower HyConn distribution family.

LiteDimmer Hybrid is fully capable and load tested to 8 amps. They are microprocessor controlled which allows them to detect and protect themselves from reverse-polarity DC input power as well as short-circuits on the output side. The entire line of LiteDimmers are software upgradable at the factory which allows continued improvements to each dimmer through software releases.


  • Single dial control of color temp from (3000k to 6000k)
  • Smooth, fully dimmable control dial with hideaway function
  • "œLow Mode" allows full dimmer range when lower brightness is desired
  • Flicker-free operation up to 480FPS
  • 3 position rocker switch (ON/OFF/LOW MODE)
  • Panel mounted input and output connectors
  • LitePower HyConn connector compatible
  • Multicolor Indicator Light
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with non scratch rubber end caps
  • LiteRibbon power capabilities printed directly on unit as "œCheat Sheet"
  • Screened QR code on unit that links to manual
  • Microprocessor protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, over-temp
  • Software upgradable as new features are introduced
ID: 4965 BRAND: Litegear PART NUMBER: LD-HYBRID Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Litegear
Product Type
Model LED LiteDimmer Hybrid
Part Number LD-HYBRID

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