M-Disc MDISC01

Part Number: MDISC01

M-Disc MDISC01
  • M-Disc MDISC01




Number of Recorders 1 Recorder
Compatibility CD / DVD / M-Disc
CD Duplication Speed 15 Per Hour
DVD Duplication Speed 8 Per Hour
M-Disc Duplication Speed 4 Per Hour
Weight 15 lbs.
DVD Write Speed 20x
CD Write Speed 40x

M-Disc - One-To-One CD/DVD Etching Duplicator - MDISC01

The M-Disc CD/DVD Duplicators are designed to permanently etch data onto M-Disc media. The data layer on M-Disc media is an inorganic compound that is actually harder than rock, as opposed to the carbon layer in traditional disc media. Over time, organic materials like carbon are subject to degradation from elements like light and temperature, which causes data failure. The laser in the M-Disc duplicator that "burns" the data actually creates tiny pits in the data layer of M-Disc media. This etching process can withstand exposure to natural elements for up to 1000 years!

This one-to-one duplicator is a standalone machine, so no software or computer is required to make copies of discs. It can duplicate standard CD/DVD media, or the proprietary M-Disc media.

If desired, you can connect the M-Disc MDISC01 to your computer via USB 2.0. When connected via USB, one of the optical burner drives acts as an external disc burner.

This unit ships with 5 FREE M-Disc DVDs.

  • TOL Part #: MDISC01
  • Manufacturer's Part #: MDISC01
  • Model: MDISC01
  • Product ID: 3509