M-Disc DVD+R Logo Branded 10 Discs

Part Number: 10MDISC-DVD

M-Disc DVD+R Logo Branded 10 Discs
  • M-Disc DVD+R Logo Branded 10 Discs




Surface Logo Branded
Write Speed 4x
Print Technology Non-Printable
Packaging Spindle
Count 10 Discs
Capacity 4.7 GB

M-Disc - 10-Disc Spindle DVD+R - 10MDISC-DVD

M-Disc disc media provides a permanent archival solution by actually etching data onto the disc. A high-powered laser actually "burns" little pits into the data layer of the disc, ensuring that light and temperature won't affect the stored information. These DVD+R discs will play back in standard DVD players, but must be duplicated with M-Disc Duplicators.

Key Features

  • 10 Disc Spindle in Cakebox
  • Archival up to 1000 years
  • Readable in standard DVD players

  • TOL Part #: 10MDISC-DVD
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 10MDISC-DVD
  • Model: 10MDISC-DVD
  • Product ID: 3510