MAM-A 16x DVD-R White Thermal Printable - 50 Discs

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  • Product Line: Archival
  • Print Technology: Thermal Retransfer
  • Hub: Hub Printable
  • Count: 50 Discs
  • Packaging: Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)
  • Surface: White Thermal Printable
  • Write Speed: 16x
  • Capacity: 4.7 GB

ID: 3596



MAM-A - White Everest Hub Printable 16X Silver Plus Gold DVD-R - 84020

MAM-A's Silver Plus Gold 16X DVDs provide a very long archival life (83 years), and a significant cost savings over Archival Gold DVD-Rs. These discs have both a silver and gold layer. The gold layer provides protection against environmental corrosion, and the silver provides high reflection. Along with the gold and silver layers, MAM-A also coats the recording layer with Diamond Guard, to protect against fingerprints, scratches, and daily wear and tear.

Key Features

  • 4.7 GB
  • 83-Year Archival Life
  • Rimage Everest compatible
  • Hub Printable
ID: 3596 BRAND: MAM-A PART NUMBER: 84020 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand MAM-A
Product Type DVD-R
Model White Everest Hub Printable Silver Plus Gold 16X DVD-R
Part Number 84020
Product Line Archival
Print Technology Thermal Retransfer
Hub Hub Printable
Count 50 Discs
Packaging Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)
Surface White Thermal Printable
Write Speed 16x
Capacity 4.7 GB

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