Maxell B-64SXL

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Part Number: 292740

Maxell B-64SXL
  • Maxell B-64SXL


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Run Time 64 Minutes
Tape Size Large Cassette

Maxell B64SXL Beta SX tape - 292740

4:2:2 component digital recording
Fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles and high-performance binder systems achieve superior reliability and durability under various ENG/EFP tape operating conditions and under extreme tape running modes during editing.

Long-term Archival Capabilities
Superior resistance to heat, oxidation, and tape shrinkage achieves superior stability characteristics for long-term storage and archiving.

Highly Accurate Cassette Mechanism
Maxell's cassette shell optimizes smooth tape travel. Patented SW (Smooth Winding) reel with radial grooves molded on the lower flange optimize tape winding.

  • TOL Part #: VMP-B-64SXL
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 292740
  • Model: B-64SXL
  • Product ID: 1573