Maxell D2M-94M

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Part Number: 296015

Maxell D2M-94M
  • Maxell D2M-94M




Run Time 94 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette

Maxell D2M94M Digital D2 Tape

Low Error Rate - Ceramic Armor Metal particles and superb dust control keep bit error ratio (BER) dropouts to an absolute minimum.
Longer VTR Head Life - Uniformly dispersed aluminum oxide fillers provide lower abrasion characteristics without deterioration in coating strength, extending VTR head life.
High Reliability and High Durability - A super thin magnetic layer and cross-linking binder system combine to make a low-corrosion tape that's extremely tough and durable, even under severe operating conditions.
Dust Averse - Conductive backcoating facilitates stable running and repels dust and foreign substances. In addition, the anti-static cassette simply refuses to electrostatically attract dust, reducing the chance of drop-outs.
High-Precision Cassette Mechanism - Cassette shell is made from anti-static, heat resistant, shock-proof ABS resin.
Hard Case - Prevents damage and dust build-up during transportation and storage.
High-Performance SW (Smooth Winding) Reel - Maxell has incorporated its high-performance SW (Smooth Winding) Reel. The new reel has radial grooves on the flange, which accelerates the outward flow of air during high speed (FF/REW) winding resulting in improved tape packing.

  • TOL Part #: VMP-D2M-94M
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 296015
  • Model: D2M-94M
  • Product ID: 1600