Maxell BD-94L

Part Number: 289115

Maxell BD-94L
  • Maxell BD-94L




Run Time 94 Minutes
Tape Size Large Cassette

Maxell 94 Minute Digital Betacam Videotape: BD-94L

  • Dust, heat, and shock-resistant high electro-conductivity shell enhances long-term reliability.
  • Ceramic Armor metal particles, and Maxell's special high strength binder, increase tape rigidity, maximizing durability, compatibility, and post-archival playback.
  • Self-Cleaning Technology: Advanced filler dispersion technology keeps the head surface clean.
  • An advanced backcoating, and Maxell's patented Smooth Winding reel, insure accurate tape packing even at high shuttle speeds.

  • TOL Part #: VMP-BD-94L
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 289115
  • Model: BD-94L
  • Product ID: 1591