Maxell DV-96 Master

Part Number: 229036

Maxell DV-96 Master
  • Maxell DV-96 Master




DVCAM Run Time 64 Minutes
DV Run Time 96 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette
Tape Size Standard Cassette
HDV/DV Run Time 96 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 40 Minutes

Maxell DV-96 Master - 229036

Maxell's DVPRO for HDV and DV achieves superior image quality and outstanding performance across a wide variety of applications. This format realizes recording and playback of high definition video on a 1/4 inch DV cassette tape.

The tape has is coated with a robust lubricant and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness. This boosts the durability of the tape in repetitive situations like high-speed playback, editing, and rewinding. This rugged durability provides for improved short wavelength output, decreased noise and minimized spacing loss with the video head.

  • TOL Part #: 229036
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 229036
  • Model: DV-96 Master
  • Product ID: 3785