Maxell DV-96 Pro Master

Part Number: DV-96MASTER

Maxell DV-96 Pro Master
  • Maxell DV-96 Pro Master




DV Run Time 96 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette

Maxell 96 Minute Pro Master DV Videotape: DV-96MASTER

Note: This DV tape replaces the DV-96 Pro Maxell tape.

Due to tape durability, high-speed editing, playback, repetitive situations and rewinding operate seamlessly.

Introduction of new lubricant and diamond like carbon (DLC) with increased thickness and smooth tape surface aids in durability of the tape.

Dry lubricant extends head life by preventing headwear and headclogs.

Decreased noise, minimized spacing loss with the video head, and improved short wavelength output is allowed due to the smooth tape surface.

Maxell Professional DV is known for its reliability for ENG/EFP under various environmental conditions.

  • TOL Part #: DV-96MASTER
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DV-96MASTER
  • Model: DV-96 Pro Master
  • Product ID: 4234