Maxell 8x DVD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc

Part Number: 635032

Maxell 8x DVD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc
  • Maxell 8x DVD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc




Capacity 4.7 GB
Write Speed 8x
Surface Logo Branded
Packaging Jewel Case
Count 1 Disc
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Print Technology Non-Printable

Maxell DVD-R 8x Plus Series, 635032 (Jewel Case)

DVD-R Plus Series is a general purpose disc that provides top performance for a wide range of multimedia applications.

  • High Reliability in recording with DVD-R compatible drives and recorders for 1X to 8X
  • High compatibilty with DVD players Secure unalterable data with superior archival life
  • Limited lifetime warranty


This DVD-R disc is designed for recording with "1X, 2X, 4X and 8X" write speed compatible DVD-R drives and/or video recorders. Use of this disc with some "1X" write speed DVD-R drives and/or recorders may cause the drive and/or recorders to become unresponsive, resulting in permanent damage to the drive and/or recorder and this disc. Before using this disc in "1X-2X" DVD-R drives and/or recorders please visit or contact your hardware manufacturer directly for information regarding free hardware updates to correct this problem. Use of this DVD-R disc in "1X-2X" write speed drives and/or recorders without obtaining the free hardware updates voids the warranty for this DVD-R disc. Maxell and expressly disclaim any liability for all damage and harm resulting from such use, including, but not limited to, damage and harm to hardware or loss of data.

  • TOL Part #: VMP-DVD-R478GP
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 635032
  • Model: 635032
  • Product ID: 1630