Maxell HDCAM 12 Minutes B-12HD

Part Number: 292880

Maxell HDCAM 12 Minutes B-12HD
  • Maxell HDCAM 12 Minutes B-12HD




60i Run Time 12 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette
24p Run Time 15 Minutes

Maxell 12 Minute HDCAM Videotape: B-12HD

  • The Maxell HDCAM Series, B-HD, achieves an exceptional output level and surpasses the low noise requirements due to the super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles. HDTV recording is achieved by increasing the recording density.
  • Utilizing the ultra-high performance binder systems from Maxell, the HDCAM videocassettes achieve exceptional durability essential to resilience in such an extreme environment as ENG/EFP recordings, while also exceeding the demands of long term storage and archiving.
  • Superior storage stability is created by the high performance binder system, enabling better anti-heat resistance and anti-oxidation charateristics. Long term storage is made possible by a unique process of minimizing tape shrinkage. 

Fore more on HDCAM, check out our HDCAM FAQ page .

  • TOL Part #: VMP-B-12HD
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 292880
  • Model: B-12HD
  • Product ID: 1544