Maxell LTO 5 Cartridge - 229323

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Part Number: 229323

LTO 5 Cartridge - 229323
  • LTO 5 Cartridge - 229323


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Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3 TB
Transfer Rate 280 MB/s
Native Capacity 1.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 3TB
Native Transfer Rate 140 MB/sec
Compressed Transfer Rate 280 MB/s

Maxell LTO 5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5TB / 3TB - 229323

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 with any questions.

Maxell LTO 5 Ultrium offers a native storage capacity of 1.5TB and up to 3TB compressed at a 2:1 ratio. LTO 5 is a cost-efficient backup option for video production houses and broadcast environments.

A 280MB/s transfer rate moves large amounts of data quickly.

LTO 5 is the fifth generation of LTO tape and is backward compatible with LTO 4 and LTO 3 cartridges. LTO 5 cartridges are compatible with all LTO 5 drives.

Maxell LTO 5 has an encryption capability designed to enable hardware based writing of encrypted data protecting storage and transport of data.


  • Maxell NeoSMART (Super Maximum-capacity Advanced Reliability Tape) technology
  • Ultra-fine, ceramic-armored metal particles with high energy and superior recordingperformance for superior durability
  • Extremely accurate servo writing technologies ensure stable servo characteristics and superior tracking reliability, corresponding to increased data track density
  • Uniform, ultra-thin and sub-micron magnetic coating for high output and enhanced stabilityfor read/write performance
  • Built-in non-contact 8KB memory chip stores historical usage records and enables highspeed data searches by the drive. In addition, Maxell Cartridge Memory Analyzers use thischip to diagnose drive or tape abnormalities

  • TOL Part #: LTO5-229323
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 229323
  • Model: LTO 5 Cartridge
  • Product ID: 2709