Maxell LTO Ultrium 6 Tape - 229558

Part Number: 229558

LTO Ultrium 6 Tape - 229558
  • LTO Ultrium 6 Tape - 229558




Native Capacity 2.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 6.25 TB
Transfer Rate 160 MB/s
Native Capacity 2.5 TB
Compressed Capacity 6.25 TB
Native Transfer Rate 160 MB/s
Compressed Transfer Rate 400 MB/s

Maxell LTO Ultrium 6 Tape - 229558

Item has been discontinued, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 with any further questions.

Maxell LTO Ultrium 6 blank cartridges feature a native storage capacity of 2.5TB, or up to 6.25TB compressed capacity. New LTO 6 technology boasts higher transfer rates of 160MB/s (native) to 400MB/s (compressed).

Encryption capability enables hardware based writing of encrypted data to each LTO 6 cartridge, protecting your sensitive data. Patented corrosion resistant Ceramic Armor metal particles provide longer data life for your tapes. Maxell's High Precision Servo Track (HPST) keeps servo tracks perfectly aligned for precision head cleaning, while Advanced Dispersion Technology (ADT) offers strong signal strength and consistent high-density recording. Each cartridge is rated for over 1 million head passes with a 30+ year storage life.

LTO 6 continues to offer the LTFS (Linear Tape File System) tape format that was introduced in LTO 5, providing a file system view of the media. You can drag and drop files from the server and easily see a list of what's saved on the tape. Individual tapes can be transported between LTO 6 systems to provide flexibility and convenience for reading and moving files on your LTO 6 tapes.

You will need an LTO 6 drive to read your LTO 6 media. However, the drives are "backwards compatible". Once you upgrade to an LTO 6 drive, it will still be able to read your LTO 5 Tape media.

Key Features:

  • 2.5TB native capacity / 6.25TB compressed
  • 160MB/s native Data Transfer Rate / 400MB/s compressed
  • Tape length: 2,776 ft (846m)
  • Tape width: 1/2"
  • Tape thickness: 6.4µm
  • Cartridge color: Black
  • Estimated Archival Life: 30 years (Storage Conditions: 16-25 degrees Celsius/61-77 degrees Fahrenheit, 20-50% humidity-no condensation)

  • TOL Part #: 229558
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 229558
  • Model: LTO Ultrium 6 Tape
  • Product ID: 4068
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