Maxell STD T-120 VHS Tape, 4-Pack

Part Number: 214049

Maxell STD T-120 VHS Tape, 4-Pack
  • Maxell STD T-120 VHS Tape, 4-Pack
  • Maxell STD T-120 VHS Tape, 4-Pack




Run Time 120 Minutes
Case Type Cardboard Sleeve

Maxell STD T-120 VHS Tapes, 4-Pack

Maxell STD T-120 VHS tapes in a 4-pack with cardboard sleeves. Standard VHS Videocassettes provide clear, sharp pictures and bright colors. Excellent tape durability. Great for recording in extended play modes.

The placement of the magnetic particles on the tape surface is precisely controlled in the crystal substrate so that a new level of particle alignment and density is achieved. This results in a high signal to noise ratio. Maxell VHS tapes are low-friction tapes due to the magnetic particle formula. A smooth running, trouble free videocassette with extreme stability, no jamming, and virtually no dropouts results from the magnetic particle formula. Maxell professional videocassettes give a sharp and realistic image due to the video and chroma output. Sound reproduction is as excellent as the picture quality due to the tapes audio frequency response and audio signal-to-noise ratio being of superior quality. Ideal for use in time lapse recording.

  • SP mode: 2 hours
  • LP mode: 4 hours
  • EP mode: 6 hours

  • TOL Part #: 214049
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 214049
  • Model: STD T-120 VHS Tape, 4-Pack
  • Product ID: 6516
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