Panasonic AJ-D5C124L

Part Number: AJ-D5C124L

Panasonic - AJ-D5C124L
  • Panasonic - AJ-D5C124L




D-5 Run Time 124 Minutes
D-3 Run Time 248 Minutes
Tape Size Large Cassette

Panasonic 124 Minute D-5 Digital Video Tape: AJ-D5C124L

This product is sold in boxes of 10) tapes. Price shown is per tape. This is a special order item, and may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

The 124 Minute D-5 Videocassette from Panasonic features finer particles, improved electromagnetic characteristics and enhanced durability. Panasonic utilizes those characteristics to give the tape high output, high speed, and high stability. The advances double the data bit rate of D3 and make the D5 tape perfect for HD recording, at a 4:2:2 color saturation!

Zetas Metal Alloy particles are employed to maximize magnetic energy and increase stability over time. Particles in the 124L minute tape are mixed with inorganic powders and completely coated on the layer surface of the tape. The powders have been oriented and calendered specifically for high packing density and for achieving extra high magnetic energy output.

The enhanced electromagnetic characteristics offer an improved C/N ratio of +1dB. The higher a tape's output the fewer errors within a tape. D-5 tapes feature low error rates because of the high output and C/N ratio.

The binder system of the Panasonic D5C124L tape has been enhanced to offer supreme durability. The head cylindar moves so fast that the tape needs to be flexible and shock absorbing to keep the error rate low. Flexible binders keep the heads in contact with the tape to prevent them from lifting away and creating errors. By using a combination of two binders, one hard and one soft, Panasonic can crosslink the two binder types to maintain maximum strength. This binder is what they refer to as the Zetas High Durability Binder System.


  • Compact
  • High 270 Mbps bit rate
  • Enhanced durability
  • D-5 HD 4:2:2 color saturation

  • TOL Part #: VP-AJ-D5C124L
  • Manufacturer's Part #: AJ-D5C124L
  • Model: AJ-D5C124L
  • Product ID: 2325