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Panasonic AJ-D5C94L

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  • Tape Size: Large Cassette
  • D-3 Run Time: 188 Minutes
  • D-5 Run Time: 94 Minutes

ID: 2328

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Panasonic 94 Minute D-5 Videotape: AJ-D5C94L

Panasonic D-5 videocassettes are perfect for HD recording because of their high output, speed and stability. To achieve those advanced characteristics Panasonic D-5 tapes have a finer particle size, improved electromagnetic characteristics, and enhanced durability. By doubling the bit data rate of D3 Panasonic offers a tape that is perfect for HDTV.

Panasonic uses Zetas Metal Alloy particles to maximize the magnetic energy and increase stability over time. The particles in a 94L minute D-5 tape are mixed with inorganic powders that have been specially oriented and calendered for high packing density and to achieve extra high magnetic energy output. More particles per recorded wavelength is made possible by packing the ultra-fine particles at high density.

The enhanced magnetic characteristics improve the C/N ratio by +1dB compared to D3. The high output of a tape creates a low error rate. By enhancing the durability of the D-5 tape with the new binder system Panasonic offers extra assurance that the tape will preform. Because of the high speeds of the head cylinder revolution the tape needs flexible and shock absorbing characteristics. A drop out occurs when the tape lifts away from the heads and a flexible binder will keep that from occurring. Panasonic uses a combination of two binders, one hard and one soft, and crosslinks them to achieve maximum strength. Using the Zetas High Durability Binder System Panasonic can offer a durable tape, able to withstand the rigors of HD recording.


  • Zetas Metal Alloy particles
  • D-5 HD 4:2:2 color saturation
  • High density recording
  • HD recording
ID: 2328 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-D5C94L Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type D-5
Model AJ-D5C94L
Part Number AJ-D5C94L
Tape Size Large Cassette
D-3 Run Time 188 Minutes
D-5 Run Time 94 Minutes

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