Panasonic AY-HDV96AMQ

Part Number: AY-HDV96AMQ

Panasonic AY-HDV96AMQ
  • Panasonic AY-HDV96AMQ




DV Run Time 96 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette
DVCAM Run Time 64 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 64 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette
HDV/DV Run Time 96 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 64 Minutes

Panasonic 96 Minute DV Large Videotape: AY-HDV96AMQ

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 when ordering to check availability.

Engineered specifically for premium quality HDV and DV shooting, as well as professional mode recording, the Panasonic AMQ (Advanced Master Quality) large DV tape is durable and reliable.

With an additional layer on the surface of the base film, the recording density is dramatically increased. Because of the additional layer the output level is a full 1 dB higher than conventional DV tape. Less drop outs combined with the high output works together to reduce the error rate. Professionals have come to expect a high image quality in their DV tapes and this Panasonic tape doesn't disappoint.

The 96AMQ large DV tape features a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) film to strengthen the tape and protect it under challenging usage. Panasonic uses a proprietary surface treatment to ensure uniform coverage of the lubricant on the base film. The result of the DLC coating is a very stable tape, even during repeated fast-forwarding, rewinding, playback, and professional editing.

The "hybrid" lubricant Panasonic uses in their AMQ series cassettes blends together a few lubricants with different characteristics to achieve the best of both worlds. The dry-type lubricants work together to minimize head clogs, increase the friction ratio, which in turn increases the head life. They also improve the durability, transport, head life and reliability. Panasonic tapes also promote extended head life because the video head wear is much lower.

With some modifications in the cassette and case Panasonic further seeks to provide a professional DV tape with some thoughtful features. The high-precision cassette is made of ABS resin to protect against warping and provide impact resistance. The sliding lock mechanism keeps accidental erasure of recorded material from happening. And, last but not least, the anti-static lid keeps dust and debris out. The new HDV96AMQ comes in a rugged hard locking case with a slide lock that prevents accidental opening. The special grooves on the case allow for safe stacking and carrying. A non-slip ribbed pattern adorns all sides of the case to prevent dropping.

  • TOL Part #: VP-AY-HDV96AMQ
  • Manufacturer's Part #: AY-HDV96AMQ
  • Model: AY-HDV96AMQ
  • Product ID: 2316